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Beeson are proud to present their superior line of product, bringing to you over 40 years of manufacturing experience in the Caribbean, with factories in Saint Lucia Grenada and now Guyana. Bringing you the widest range of windows, doors and shop fronts with customized glass and mirror supply available in this market at the best prices.

What makes our product different is our commitment to producing a ISO quality compliant product, with a ten year warranty that when compared to international standards and prices produces big savings, this is done by our association with Westech, a Fortune listed company with a manufacturing base in Canada with over 28 years experience to draw on, who provide technological support for components supplied in our products.

Therefore if you are tired of inferior products, which are cheaply riveted together and look terrible after a few months, then make the right choice, our UPVC products will not fade, rot, fall apart, we used reinforced structural mullion, and durable frames which are fusion welded together to provide the life which allows us to stand by our ten year warranty.

Our factory in Guyana, that is able to satisfy your particular demands with our manufacturing process which gives us the flexibility to custom make without compromising quality to fit your design and space requirements, the material options also provide protection from the sun harsh ultraviolet rays, our glass which comes in various types including bullet proofing, allows to choose the ideal product for your space, these together with our custom made insect screen for windows and doors gives you all the best options under one roof.

When you are ready for that special design in plain, modern or colonial styles, or need customized glass options let us help you to make your dreams come true.


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